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About The Project

There's honestly no way to describe the level of satisfaction we felt the last day Collin Homes pulled out of our driveway after completing several major projects at our home. Their level of expertise, craftsmanship, work ethic, and customer service is superior to any we've experienced before. Having a crew of men in your home for an extended period of time is the last thing any family wants, but Dave and the guys were so likeable our kids actually wanted them to stay longer. How odd is that? I have now found myself looking for ways to bring them back! Collin Homes is setting a new standard for how all contractors should hope to be.

Jason Benham

First Contact

Our first contact with Jason Benham was when we were building a new home for a customer in the subdivision that Jason lives in. He knew the customers that we were building for and stopped by one day to see the home and to check out the quality of our workmanship. After we met and walked around we discussed his desire to do an addition to his home, we then proceeded to provide him with an estimate, and after several conversations and looking at his home, we were hired to proceed with the construction of his addition.

Project Description

This addition involved the expansion of a beautiful master suite to his brick home in a nice established neighborhood. Jason wanted to add a master oasis with a covered porch that would allow him and his wife Tori tranquility as they enjoy their step down sitting area with a beautiful fireplace, a wet bar area, a gorgeous bath, a huge walk-in closet, and a covered porch area with a bed swing for the ultimate outdoor relaxation

Benham’s Project Goals and Challenges

The homeowners were residing in the home throughout the construction of their new addition. They wanted to add some architectural character to the slightly outdated appearance of their brick home and garage. They wanted to remodel 2 bathroom in their home.


We had a solid contract price with the Benham’s but after discussing some possible changes they may want to make we decided to go with a cost plus which would enable them to have more flexibility with any changes they wanted to make. We helped them create and design their project and while building the addition to their home we strived to maintain professional and clean atmosphere for the family as they were living in the residence. The exterior of the home was modernized by painting the brick, adding railings, shutters, and cedar trim. Lastly, the 2 bathroom remodels were renovated when the family was away on vacation, so they were able to come back to the completed project, keeping their family routine without a disturbance. Collin Homes, Inc. strived to ensure the Benham’s an enjoyable and gratifying building process, which would leave them loving their beautiful master suite addition and bathroom remodel



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